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[bug]Windows netclient keeps generating adapter profiles
[bug]Windows netclient keeps generating adapter profiles
Written by Max Ma
Updated over a week ago

Description of issues:

This issue is only on Windows. While checking the netmaker adapter profile name in "Network and Sharing Center" panel, sometimes it shows as "netmaker X", "X" is a number.

Reproduce steps:

Start/Stop/Restart/Uninstall/Reinstall Windows netclient, and check the adapter profile. The name changes before and after. It is always starting with "netmaker", but the number in the suffix is different, for example "netmaker 2", "netmaker 3"..."netmaker 90"..."netmaker XXX".


The issue is reported at v0.22.0. The root cause is identified and it will be fixed in coming release.

There is no report that the issue blocks any function.

There are multiple adapter profiles created in registry. But there is only one activated.

It only impacts the adapter name display. Hence there is no workaround required.

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