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Netclient GUI is deprecated since from v0.23.0
Netclient GUI is deprecated since from v0.23.0
Written by Max Ma
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Description of issues:

Before v0.23.0, on Windows there is a GUI program, the users can manage the network via GUI interface.

The GUI program is deprecated in v0.23.0. The users are able to mange the network via Powershell command line the same as on Linux.


After the installation, type in "netclient" command in Powershell terminal, it will show the sub-command for "netclient",

Netmaker's netclient agent and CLI to manage wireguard networks

Join, leave, connect and disconnect from netmaker wireguard networks.


netclient [command]

Available Commands:

completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell

connect connect to a netmaker network

daemon netclient daemon

disconnect disconnet from a network

help Help about any command

install install netclient binary and daemon

join join a network

leave leave a network

list display list of netmaker networks

pull get the latest host configuration

push push host config to server

register register to a Netmaker instance

server server commands [list, switch, leave]

uninstall uninstall netclient

use use a specific version of netclient

version Displays version information


-h, --help help for netclient

-v, --verbosity int set logging verbosity 0-4

Use "netclient [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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