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Issues With Netclient on Windows Server 2016
Issues With Netclient on Windows Server 2016
Written by Alex Feiszli
Updated over a week ago


Some users have reported issues connecting to Windows Server 2016 after installing the netclient (v0.23.0). Unable to ping via Remote Access Client / Gateway.


Install Netclient on Windows Server 2016 via MSI, join network via enrollment key.

Remediation Steps:

  1. Make sure WireGuard is installed first: . It should not be necessary, but will allow you to troubleshoot, and also makes the speed faster, because you will be using Kernel WireGuard.

  2. If you install WireGuard after Netclient, reinstall the netclient

  3. After joining network, run "wg" to test if the interface is running and bytes are being transferred.

  4. If after 1-2 minutes there are still no peers when you examine the output of "wg", try running "netclient pull". The peers should now show. It may take 1 minute before bytes are successfully transferring.

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