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Installing Remote Access Bundle for Windows
Installing Remote Access Bundle for Windows

troubleshooting GUI issues with the Remote Access Client

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As mentioned in this article:

Netclient needs to be installed with Wireguard as a dependency. Our Remote Access Client requires the same dependency. However with the GUI built with your windows machine requires openGL to work properly. Most windows are packages with this as part of the GPU. If you are on a VM or a server without a GPU, You'll need an alternative. is a good alternative to use.

**Steps to Reproduce:**

  1. Attempt to install Remote Access Client on a windows VM like AWS.

  2. Attempt to run the RAC after it successfully installs

  3. see that it won't start up because of the lack of a sufficient graphics driver.

**Resolution Steps:**

  1. Grab the bundle installer

  2. Run it and follow the prompts

  3. When the Remote Access Installer show the options for what to install make sure you check that the Mesa Dependency for VM is set to "will be installed on the hard drive". You should not see a red x next to it.

  4. Finish the installation.


The inability to install Remote Access Client with Mesa on Windows VMs prevents users from accessing the intended VPN functionality, potentially hindering productivity and secure network access.

**Related Documentation:**

- Netmaker Documentation: This resource provides comprehensive documentation on installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Netclient with WireGuard, along with additional guides for utilizing the software's features effectively.

- WireGuard Documentation: Refer to the official WireGuard documentation for detailed information on installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of WireGuard VPN, which is an integral component of Netclient. Understanding WireGuard concepts can aid in resolving installation issues and optimizing VPN performance.

- Mesa site for more info. use this to determine if your machine needs this as a dependency and you can even build it your sef if you feel adventurous to do so.

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