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egress route conflict with local network route
egress route conflict with local network route
Written by Max Ma
Updated over a week ago

Issue 1 description:

If the egress range is the same ip/network as in local network, it might cause route issue. For example, there is a local network, while another remote network is also setup as and it's added in the egress range. In this situation, there are two routes, pointing to the same destination, but via different interface/gateway(one local interface, another netmaker interface).

Workaround:(As less as possible setting two private network the same address)

In the situation above, it has to update the route manually.

  1. Setup up different route metric. The lower metric one is working actively.

  2. If only few hosts to be egressed, please add the host ip in the egress range, rather than network address.

  3. In contrast, if only few hosts in local network, but many in remote network, it's better to setup the network address in egress range, and then add local host in route one by one.

Issue 2 description:

If there is another host in the same local network is setup as egressGW and the local network is added in the egress range, there might be conflict in the routes. For example, there are two hosts in a network, host A is setup as egressGW and the local network address is setup as egress range. Then on the host B, an egress route will be added. In host B's route table, there will be duplicated routes, the same destination but with different route.


The active route really depends on the route metric. Changing the metric for the route on local interface, lower than the metric number than the other one. So that the traffic is always routed via local interface(rather than netmaker interface).

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